Your 20/20NOW
Eye Exam

20/20NOW is the inventor and leader
in Telehealth Digital Eye Exams.

Our founders believed digital technology and telemedicine could be combined to increase access to high quality eye exams while lowering costs. With the addition of Artificial Intelligence guided imaging, you can trust that your eyes are in the right hands.
Your 20/20NOW eye exam will start when you arrive at one of our locations and fill out a short medical history intake form. Then, one of our Optometric Technicians will begin your exam by gathering data and images of your eyes for the doctor. Then a remote technician will perform your refraction – “is it better one or two” to determine the most accurate and comfortable glasses prescription for your visual acuity. Then a licensed eye doctor will remote into the exam room and speak with you live on an HD monitor. At that time you will be able to ask any and all of the questions you may have about your eye health, and the doctor will review your findings in detail.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Most major managed vision plans are accepted. A 20/20NOW assistant with help guide you when making your appointment.

We do allow walk-in eye exams! However we do encourage you to make an appointment to guarantee our doctors and technicians have ample time to spend on your eye health. Walk-in exams are based on availability and there may be a wait associated for walk-ins.

Simply Click here and fill out the form with your information and we will forward you a copy of your current eyewear or contact lens prescription, or medical records. If you did not fill out a records release form during your visit, we will send you a copy to fill out before we are able to release your records.

Telemedicine uses technology to deliver doctors to you. Our optometrists licensed in your state will review your eye health from their location and will remote into the exam room to meet you and discuss the findings of your exam. This model allows the one doctor to see patients in multiple locations each day, thereby increasing access to care for you, the patient. You will still have dedicated doctor patient time to talk about your eye health and address all of your concerns – same as an in-person eye exam.

Yes the eye doctor will connect with you via HD video conference in the exam room to review and discuss your exam results. 2020NOW exams are reviewed and signed off by a licensed Optometrist or Ophthalmologist in your state.

Yes! Most States allow us to fit you with contact lenses for the first time. The doctor will review your eye health and determine the proper contact lens prescription and fit based on your eyes. Then, we will train you how to properly put your contact lenses in and out of your eyes. A follow up appointment weeks later is covered under the cost of the Contact Lens Exam Fee.